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Introducing our enchanting Lavender Scented Potpourri, a fragrant blend that invites the soothing essence of nature into your home. Crafted with care, this potpourri is a delicate dance of naturally dried flowers – roses, sunflowers, and stock – elegantly combined and elevated with the purest essential oils of lavender and bergamot.


A Symphony of Aromas:

Unveil the beauty of the outdoors within your space. Lavender Potpourri is a harmonious symphony of scents, where the tender allure of roses meets the radiant energy of sunflowers, while the gentle embrace of stock flowers rounds out the composition. Infused with the calming powers of lavender and the uplifting notes of bergamot, this aromatic blend creates an atmosphere that soothes and rejuvenates.


Handpicked, Naturally Dried:

Our handmade potpourri is a testament to the beauty of nature's seasons. Each flower has been handpicked at its peak, naturally dried to preserve its vibrancy, and lovingly arranged to create a balanced blend of colors and textures. This attention to detail ensures that every whiff takes you on a journey through a blooming garden.


Savor the Garden Scent:

Place this potpourri in your favorite bowl, on a decorative tray, or even tucked into sachets in your drawers. As it graces your space, it releases a gentle aroma that captivates your senses and transports you to a serene garden haven. Allow the sweet floral notes to intertwine with the soothing lavender and invigorating bergamot, creating an ambiance that nurtures and uplifts.


A Gift of Nature:

Looking for a thoughtful gift that embodies nature's elegance? Lavender Potpourri is the perfect choice. Delight your loved ones with a touch of botanical beauty that not only enriches their surroundings but also brings a sense of tranquility and freshness to their everyday moments.


Experience Nature's Whispers:

Elevate your home's ambiance with the enchanting scent of Lavender Potpourri. Whether you're seeking a moment of relaxation, a fragrant welcome for guests, or a unique gift that embodies the beauty of nature, this potpourri brings you the symphony of aromas that only nature can compose.




  • Ingredients: Naturally dried roses, sunflowers, or stock flowers
  • Essential Oils: Lavender and bergamot
  • Packaging: Kraft Pillow Boxes
  • Weight: .5 ounces
  • Usage: Ideal for decorative bowls, trays, or sachets


Elevate your home with the grace of Lavender Potpourri and indulge in the delicate fragrances of a blossoming garden. Experience nature's whispers, one captivating scent at a time.

Lavender Scented Potpourri

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